Great Exercise

Dancing is great exercise. Over the years we have seen many students lose from several pounds to over 100 pounds. Dancing is one of the most healthy forms of exercise. Its not strenuous on your joints. Its fantastic for keeping your mind sharp. (gotta remember those steps) Plus its so much fun it simply doesn’t feel like ‘working out’

Give us a call and schedule your first lesson on us. Thats right we will offer you a FREE 30min lesson to come in and check us out. I promise you will love it.

Oh and check this video out. You’ll see one of our regular students Mark. He lost over 50 pound dancing.

So what are you waiting for? Dancing is a great way to stay fit and healthy. Its full of fun and friendly people. What more could you want. Dance Louisville is a great place to take up a great lifetime hobby of ballroom dancing!

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AWESOME! Great dancers and a cool place to learn! -Trip Sizemore -via Facebook